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Nuuksio Classic Trail Marathon 1.9.2012


Место проведения: Финляндия

Формат гонки: Марафон trail running 42,2 км

Сайт гонки:

Представители России: Соболев Алексей (158), Малин Сергей (157), Козлова Александра (31) карта маршрута с видео и фото с маршрута карта маршрута высотный профиль участники галерея Live Tracking

Место проведения:Национальный парк Nuuksio недалеко от Хельсинки
Одна дистанция: 42,2 км
Лимит: 300 человек
Окончание регистрации: 30 августа, вечер, 60 евро. Возможна рагистрация на старте (взнос 80евро)
Центр соревнований: Hotel Siikaranta
Автепати с фото и видео

Nuuksio Classic is a trail running marathon in Nuuksio national park near Helsinki, Finland on Saturday September 1, 2012. It takes its participants to the finest trails and greatest landscapes of Southern Finland. There is only one distance, 42,2km = full marathon.

The participation number is limited to 300 due to the delicate nature and organization’s capacity. An up to date list of participants and registration situation is on the page Osanottajat/Particpants. Registration to the event takes place by filling a registration form that you can find here. To register, you will have to pay the entrance fee 60? at the same time. For that you need a credit card (or access to a Finnish online bank).

Online registration will be closed on Thursday 30.8. in the evening. After that, registration is still possible in the race office before the race, 80? cash payment only.

There is also a small amount of starting numbers reserved for foreign participants that can be requested from the race organization via email if the official quota of 300 us full,

The event center is Hotel Siikaranta, a nice little hotel next to the national park. We warmly recommend booking accomodation there before and after the race. There is a special room rate for race participants. If the hotel is full, please contact the race organization for other recommendations in the area. Also, don’t miss the official banquet on saturday evening after the race, with photos and videos of the event.

The distance to the event from Helsinki international airport is 37km, slightly over 30min by car and about 1,5h by bus. A very practical trip planner to public transport can be found here. To some extent, organizers can also help with transport.

The two main targets of the event are to promote trail running in Finland and to offer an unforgettable, enjoyable, but challenging nature sports experience to the participants. If this is something you want to experience, register right away! If you wait, it may be too late; we expect the event to raise high interest among potential participants.

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