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RED FOX Adventure Race 2008
on 11-15th, Kandalaksha, Russia

RED FOX Adventure Race, on 11 - 15th, 2008, Kandalaksha, Russia

The registration

The personal questionnaire is to be filled in by the captain (first participant)!
Answers of other participants are very important for Organizers too.
If you've have problems with answers to questions, you can post them by e-mail:

The command information:

  • The Class (PRO or Light):
  • Two or Four participants:
  • Do you need canoes for the Race?
  • The team name (without ")
  • Your e-mail
  • Your contact phone number
  • City, Country
  • The 1st participant (the captain)
  • The 2nd participant
  • The 3rd participant
  • The 4th participant

Personal information:

  • The birth year (for a sample: 1980)
  • The passport data (number)

Connect with Elena Pravenkaya by e-mail: or FORUM for all advices

The registration, document Word

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